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Some of the main characters, as seen in Vol 16 of the manga.

The Kindaichi Case Files series features a number of recurring characters. See below for key information to note about the main characters of the franchise.

Students and friends[edit]

Hajime Kindaichi[edit]

Hajime Kindaichi

Hajime Kindaichi is the protagonist and namesake of The Kindaichi Case Files series. Together with his childhood friend Miyuki Nanase, he attends Fudo High School and solves numerous criminal cases which he often stumbles upon. Despite the fact he has an IQ of 180, he tends to be lazy and avoids exerting energy on anything that isn't mystery related. He is the grandson of the famous (fictional) detective Kosuke Kindaichi.

Miyuki Nanase[edit]

Hajime Kindaichi

Miyuki Nanase attends Fudo High School alongside her childhood friend Hajime Kindaichi. She often accompanies Kindaichi on his investigations, and seems to harbour some romantic feelings for the boy.

Ryuta Saki[edit]

Ryuta Saki

Ryuta Saki is a fellow student of Hajime Kindaichi and Miyuki Nanase at Fudo High School, and a member of the school Mystery Club. He never goes anywhere without his signature camcorder, and films just about everything he sees. This regularly comes in handy during criminal cases when Saki accompanies Kindaichi and Miyuki on their travels.

Yosuke Itsuki[edit]

Yosuke Itsuki

Yosuke Itsuki is a freelance writer who met Hajime Kindaichi and Miyuki Nanase during The Legend of Lake Hiren Murder Case. He was one of the killer's targets, but Kindaichi managed to unmask the culprit before Istsuki was killed, and the two have remained in touch since. Itsuki regularly invites Kindaichi and Miyuki on trips, where murders are often encountered.

Reika Hayami[edit]

Reika Hayami

Reika Hayami is an idol and singer who met Hajime Kindaichi and Miyuki Nanase during The Yukiyasha Legend Murder Case. Kindaichi was attracted to her having seen her on TV in the past, and during the case she quickly developed a crush on him too, something which she has been very open about. She often vies with Miyuki for Kindaichi's affections, and the two have developed something of a rivalry because of this.

Fumi Kindaichi[edit]

Fumi Kindaichi

Fumi Kindaichi is Hajime Kindaichi's younger cousin. She met Hajime and Miyuki during a case and now often accompanies them as they solve mysteries.

Sota Murakami[edit]

Sota Murakami

Sota Murakami is Hajime Kindaichi and Miyuki Nanase's classmate. Initially, he has a crush on Miyuki, but soon moves on after realising Miyuki's feelings for Kindaichi. Murakami often accompanies Kindaichi and Miyuki during their cases.

Ryuji Saki[edit]

Ryuta Saki

Ryuji Saki is Ryuta Saki's younger brother. Just like Ryuta, Ryuji never goes anywhere without his trusty camcorder, and his filming sometimes helps Kindaichi solve the case. Ryuji Saki does not appear in the anime.

Law Enforcement[edit]

Isamu Kenmochi[edit]

Isamu Kenmochi

Isamu Kenmochi is a homicide detective in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. Despite some initial doubt of his abilities, he quickly became Hajime Kindaichi's closest friend in the police force, frequently assisting with Kindaichi's cases, and often defending him from other officers who are suspicious of the boy's abilities.

Kengo Akechi[edit]

Kengo Akechi

Kengo Akechi is a superintendent in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. He studied criminal psychology in Los Angeles, and frequently uses the phrase "in Los Angles..." to laude his experience above those around him. He and Hajime Kindaichi share a somewhat antagonistic relationship, often competing to find the truth before the other.


Gentleman thief[edit]

Gentleman thief

The Gentleman Thief is a phantom thief who was framed for murder, but was proved innocent by Hajime Kindaichi. However, the thief escaped Kindaichi's grasp, and is now on the run. The thief's true face, age and gender are unknown, but they have on multiple occasions disguised themselves as the art journalist Maki Daigo.

Yoichi Takato[edit]

Yoichi Takato

Yoichi Takato, also known as Hell's Puppeteer is a convicted murderer who Kindaichi helped to unmask and arrest. However, shortly afterwards he escaped from prison, and now he regularly orchestrates complex murder plots to take revenge on Kindaichi.

Other minor recurring characters[edit]

Kindaichi's mother[edit]

Kindaichi's mother

Kindaichi's mother is only seen a few times throughout the Kindaichi Case Files franchise, but she appears to share some personality traits with her son, although she is considerably more reponsible too.