Fumi Kindaichi

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Fumi Kindaichi

Fumi Kindaichi Profile.png
Japanese name 金田一二三
English name Fumi Kindaichi
Age 9
First appearance Anime: Black Butterfly Murder Case
Manga: Murder on Christmas Eve
Voiced by Haruna Ikezawa
Theme song
Theme song Fumi's Theme
from The Kindaichi Case Files Original Sound File

Fumi Kindaichi (金田一二三 Kindaichi Fumi) is the younger cousin of Hajime Kindaichi. The two share a somewhat antagonistic relationship, although Fumi hides this around others.

As an adult[edit]

20 years later, Fumi becomes a successful mystery novelist, basing her stories on the adventures she had with Hajime and Miyuki during her childhood.


TV anime[edit]



Voice actress Haruna Ikezawa

Fumi Kindaichi was portrayed by voice actress Haruna Ikezawa during the 1997 TV anime, and during the second Kindaichi Case Files anime film.

Theme music[edit]


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