Gentleman Thief

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Gentleman Thief

Gentleman Thief as Maki Daigo Escaping.png
Japanese name 怪盗紳士
English name Gentleman Thief
Age Unknown
Profession Thief
First appearance Gentleman Thief Murder Case
Voiced by Asako Dodo

The Gentleman Thief is the alias of an unknown phantom thief who Hajime Kindaichi faces off against on multiple occasions. Almost nothing is known about the thief's true identity.


The Gentleman Thief is able to disguise their face, body and voice to sound like anyone else's. They almost never appear out of disguise. Although they steal priceless works, they appear to believe that murder is morally wrong. Additionally, they enjoy toying with detective Hajime Kindaichi.


The gentleman thief exposed as Maki Daigo

Gentleman Thief Murder Case[edit]

In order to steal a painting by the famed Gozo Gamo, the Gentleman Thief disguises themselves as art journalist Maki Daigo. However, after her calling card is sent, a series of murders take place for which the Gentleman Thief is blamed. However, high school detective Hajime Kindaichi proves that the Gentleman Thief was not the true culprit, along with exposing the thief's disguise as Maki Daigo. The police corner the thief, but the thief escapes via helicopter.

The gentleman thief out of disguise

Some time later, an old woman asks Kindaichi to help carry a heavy bag across the road. After Kindaichi takes the bag, the woman reveals her true identity as the Gentleman Thief! The bag contains the fake painting of Gozo Gamo's along with lots of heavy rocks, leaving him stuck in the middle of the road. This is, however, one of the few times the thief appears without a disguise. They have long brown hair, a slim physique and appear to be female.



The Gentleman Thief is portrayed by voice actress Asako Dodo.


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