Hajime Kindaichi

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Hajime Kindaichi

Hajime Kindaichi Profile.png
Japanese name 金田一 一
English name Hajime Kindaichi
Age 17
Profession High school detective
at Fudo High School
First appearance Manga: The Opera House Murder Case
Anime film: Opera House, The New Murders
Anime series: The School's Seven Mysteries Murder Case
Voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi (1996)
Taiki Matsuno (1997 - )
Played by Tsuyoshi Domoto (Gen 1)
Jun Matsumoto (Gen 2)
Kazuya Kamenashi (Gen 3)
Ryosuke Yamada (Gen 4)
Shunsuke Michieda (Gen 5)
Theme song
Theme song In the Name of my Grandfather!
from The Kindaichi Case Files Original Soundtrack FILE:1

Hajime Kindaichi (金田一 一 Kindaichi Hajime) is a teenage detective, and the grandson of well-known (fictional) detective Kosuke Kindaichi. He has an IQ of 180, although he only uses his intelligence for mystery solving.


When he was a young child, Kindaichi met Miyuki Nanase, and the two children became close friends, potentially even harbouring romantic feelings for each other.

High school, and meeting Kenmochi[edit]

The two later enrolled in Fudo High School. While studying there, they were invited to join the drama club on a trip to an opera house on an island. While there, a string of murders took place. Kindaichi began solving the case, but was treated rudely by the Tokyo homicide detective who attended the scene, Isamu Kenmochi. However, after Kindaichi solved the case and unmasked the killer, Kenmochi finally appreciated Kindaichi's talent.

Some time later, Kindaichi was invited to join the school Mystery Club by the club president Ruiko Sakuragi. After joining the club Kindaichi met fellow club member Ryuta Saki, a strange boy who took his camcorder with him and recorded everything he saw. Tragically, Sakuragi was murdered shortly thereafter, along with several other club members.

Meeting Reika and Akechi[edit]

Shortly afterwards, Miyuki and Kindaichi travelled to snowy Hokkaido to work part time for a TV crew. One of the actors on the shoot was idol Reika Hayami who Kindaichi found very attractive. However, before the shoot could go ahead any further, one of the other actors was murdered. It turned out that staying at the same lodge as Kindaichi was inspector Kenmochi along with his boss Superintendent Kengo Akechi. Kindaichi took an immediate dislike to Akechi's smarmy attitiude.

However after Kindaichi solved the case, Reika Hayami confessed that she harboured feelings for Kindaichi.

The magician murders[edit]

Kindaichi meets Hell's Puppeteer

Months later, Kindaichi was invited to participate in a train tour to visit a troupe of magicians, when a string of murders took place. Kindaichi solved the case, and identified the culprit to be Yoichi Takato under the alias Hell's Puppeteer. Although he was caught and put behind bars, Kindaichi's victory was short-lived as Takato escaped almost immediately.

As an adult[edit]

20 years later, Kindaichi has quit detective work and become a middle manager at a PR firm. However, he is soon dragged back into more crime solving, whether or not he signs up for it!


Kindaichi has a few key catchphrases:

  • "In the name of my grandfather!" - This catchphrase is used when Kindaichi resolves to get to the bottom of a mystery.
  • "All the mysteries are solved!" - This catchphrase is used when Kindaichi gets to the bottom of a case; it usually comes shortly before Kindaichi's unmasking of the culprit.
  • "The culprit is among us!" - This catchphrase is often used by Kindaichi to announce to all the suspects that one of them must be the culprit.


Taiki Matsuno, the current voice of Kindaichi

Voice actors[edit]

Kindaichi has been played by two different voice actors:


Kindaichi has been portrayed by five different actors:

  • Tsuyoshi Domoto (1995 - 1997)
  • Jun Matsumoto (2001)
  • Kazuya Kamenashi (2005)
  • Ryosuke Yamada (2013 - 2014)
  • Shunsuke Michieda (2022)

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