Yoichi Takato

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Yoichi Takato

Yoichi Takato Profile.png
Japanese name 高遠 遙一
English name Yoichi Takato
Age Unknown
First appearance Magical Express Murder Case
Voiced by Kenichi Ono
Theme song
Theme song Hell's Puppeteer: Yoichi Takato
from The Kindaichi Case Files R Original Soundtrack

Yoichi Takato (高遠 遙一), also known as Hell's Puppeteer (地獄の傀儡師) is a convicted murderer who Kindaichi helped to unmask and arrest. However, shortly afterwards he escaped from prison, and now he regularly orchestrates complex murder plots to take revenge on Kindaichi.


After the death of his mother, world-famous magician Reiko Chikamiya, Takato became suspicious of the apparent accident. After investigating, he discovered that several of the magicians from her troupe had schemed to kill her off in order to access the magic routines she was saving for her son. Takato joined the troupe as a manager in order to get close to them, and then executed a complex plan to kill them off, posing as Hell's Puppeteer.

After his arrest

However, his scheme to enact revenge was uncovered by Hajime Kindaichi, and he was sent to prison. Shortly afterwards, though, he escaped. His whereabouts are currently unknown.


Yoichi Takato has been played by voice actor Kenichi Ono from the character's introduction in 1998 to the present day.


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