Isamu Kenmochi

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Isamu Kenmochi

Isamu Kenmochi Profile.png
Japanese name 剣持 勇
English name Isamu Kenmochi
Profession Homicide detective
at Tokyo Metropolitan Police
First appearance Manga: The Opera House Murder Case
Anime film: Opera House, The New Murders
Anime series: The School's Seven Mysteries Murder Case
Voiced by Isao Natsuyagi (1996)
Jūrōta Kosugi (1997 - )
Played by Masato Furuoya (1st gen)
Takashi Naito (2nd gen.)
Masaya Kato (3rd gen.)
Tomomitsu Yamaguchi (4th gen.)
Ikki Sawamura (5th gen.)
Theme song
Theme song With Inspector Kenmochi
from The Kindaichi Case Files Original Soundtrack FILE:1

Isamu Kenmochi (剣持 勇) is a Tokyo homicide detective who met Hajime Kindaichi during The Opera House Murder Case. Having been impressed by the teenager's abilities, he often works with Kindaichi in any cases the two encounter.

His boss is police inspector Kengo Akechi.


In the 1996 anime film, Kenmochi was voiced by actor Isao Natsuyagi who had previously played the character in the live action adaptations. From the 1997 TV anime to the present day, he has been played by voice actor Jūrōta Kosugi instead.

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