Kengo Akechi

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Kengo Akechi

Kengo Akechi Profile.png
Japanese name 明智 健悟
English name Kengo Akechi
Profession Superintendent
at Tokyo Metropolitan Police
First appearance Manga: The Yukiyasha Legend Murder Case
Anime: Wax Doll Castle Murder Case
Voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa
Played by Mansaku Ikeuchi
Theme song
Theme song Superintendant Akechi's Theme
from The Kindaichi Case Files Original Sound File

Kengo Akechi (明智 健悟 Akechi Kengo) is a Tokyo superintendent, and Isamu Kenmochi's boss. Hajime Kindaichi and Akechi consider each other their crime-solving "rivals", and often compete to solve cases the fastest.

He previously worked as a part of the Los Angeles police force, and often brings up his prior experience in Los Angeles, much to Kindaichi's irritation. Perhaps because of his time spent in America, Akechi speaks fluent English and French. He also previously spent 3 years as a teacher in a prep school.


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Akechi is voiced by prolific voice actor Toshiyuki Morikawa throughout his various anime appearances. In live action, he has been portrayed only once, by actor Mansaku Ikeuchi.

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