Miyuki Nanase

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Miyuki Nanase

Miyuki Nanase Profile.png
Japanese name 七瀬 美雪
English name Miyuki Nanase
Age 17
First appearance Manga: The Opera House Murder Case
Anime film: Opera House, The New Murders
Anime series: The School's Seven Mysteries Murder Case
Voiced by Akiko Nakagawa
Played by Rie Tomosaka (Gen 1)
Anne Suzuki (Gen 2)
Juri Ueno (Gen 3)
Haruna Kawaguchi (Gen 4)
Moka Kamishiraishi (Gen 5)
Theme song
Theme song Miyuki's Theme
from The Kindaichi Case Files Original Soundtrack 2 FILE:2

Miyuki Nanase (七瀬 美雪 Nanase Miyuki) is Kindaichi's childhood friend. She is a hard-working honours student who often accompanies Kindaichi on his cases. She also has a not-so-subtle crush on Kindaichi.

As an adult[edit]

20 years later, Miyuki Nanase becomes a flight attendent. However, she remains in contact with Kindaichi via her mobile phone.


Akiko Nakagawa

Miyuki has been voiced by Akiko Nakagawa in every animated iteration of The Kindaichi Case Files, even when the other voice actors have been replaced, such as after the 1996 anime film.

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