Reika Hayami

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Reika Hayami

Reika Hayami Performing.png
Japanese name 速水玲香
English name Reika Hayami
Age 17
Profession Idol singer
First appearance The Yukiyasha Legend Murder Case
Voiced by Mayumi Iizuka

Reika Hayami (速水玲香) is an idol singer who met Hajime Kindaichi and Miyuki Nanase during The Yukiyasha Legend Murder Case. She has strong feelings for Kindaichi, which causes her to frequently clash with Miyuki.


Hayami is free-spirited and light-hearted, and can sometimes be impulsive. She holds a lot of respect for Hajime Kindaichi, and frequently makes attempts to enter a relationship with him, though this has remained unsuccessful largely due to the presence of his childhood friend Miyuki Nanase. Although Hayami's relationship with Miyuki is not hostile, the two frequently butt heads trying to compete for Kindaichi's affections. It is sometimes hinted that Hayami's light, carefree attitude is a front she puts up to cover her dark past.


Reika grew up as part of the Kojo family, with an unnamed father and a brother called Takuya Kojo. However, when she was young, both she and her brother were kidnapped by Yuichiro Hayami. When he learned that the police had been called, he strangled the father in front of the children, and then kidnapped Reika leaving her brother behind.

Swayed by Reika's innocence, Yuichiro decided to raise Reika as his own daughter. Throughout her teenage years, she trained to be an idol, and debuted sometime before the age of 17.

The Yukiyasha Legend Murder Case[edit]

In the snowy Hokkaido mountains, Reika Hayama along with a TV crew was filming a dramatic TV programme. However, a local legend of a snowy woman called the Yukiyasha then came to life and started killing members of the crew. One of the part time workers, a boy called Hajime Kindaichi, managed to solve the case and unmask the true culprit. Hayami developed a crush on the detective during this time thanks to his impressive deductive skills, but decided not to pursue a relationship any further due to the presence of Kindaichi's childhood friend Miyuki Nanase. She soon changed her mind though and started trying to win Kindaichi's affections.

Tarot Lodge Murder Case[edit]

Having tired of the idol lifestyle, Reika Hayami holed herself up in her father's mountain lodge. She invited Kindaichi to come and visit, but he brought Miyuki Nanase as well. However, while at the lodge a killer started murdering the visitors. Kindaichi revealed the killer to be her manager, Takuya Kojo. He told Reika that Takuya Kojo was actually her brother from long ago, and that she had been the victim of Yuichiro Hayami's cruel kidnapping. This shocking revelation turned her world upside down, but unwilling to give up the life she had built for herself, Reika decided not to give up being an idol after all.

The Kidnapping of Reika Hayami Murder Case[edit]

Reika Hayama acting alongside Keiko Mitamura

After returning to showbiz, her management agency president Yoko Kaburagi offers to adopt her. Delighted by the idea of having a mother, Reika decides to accept. But before the adoption can go ahead, Reika and her manager are kidnapped for 1 billion yen ransom. President Kaburagi refuses to pay, but an older actress who Reika has performed alongside - Keiko Mitamura - offers to pay instead.

Kindaichi later uncovers the culprit behind the kidnapping and saves Reika. Hearing of Kaburagi's cold-heartedness, she calls off the adoption. Later, Kindaichi asks Keiko Mitamura why she would pay off such a huge ransom for a college. Mitamura implied that she is actually Reika Hayami's mother, but asked Kindaichi to keep this fact a secret.


Reika Hayami's voice actress, Mayumi Iizuka.

Hayami has been played by voice actress Mayumi Iizuka throughout her appearances in the 1997 TV anime and The Kindaichi Case Files Returns from 2014 - 2016.



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