Ryuta Saki

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Ryuta Saki

Ryuta Saki Profile.png
Japanese name 佐木 竜太
English name Ryuta Saki
Age 17
First appearance The School's Seven Mysteries Murder Case
Voiced by Keiichi Nanba
Played by Tomohiro Hara (1995)
Jun Hasegawa (2001)

Ryuta Saki is/was Hajime Kindaichi and Miyuki Nanase's classmate, and a member of the Mystery club. He never goes anywhere without his digital camcorder, which he uses to record everything he sees.

In the manga, Ryuta Saki is murdered early on, and Kindaichi is instead joined by his younger brother Ryuji Saki. However in the anime, Ryuta survives the murder attempt; thus any appearance of Ryuji is replaced with Ryuta in the anime.


Ryuta Saki obsessively films everything he sees using his V8 camcorder. He is generally serious and somewhat nerdy, but he often laughs along with Kindaichi. He wears glasses, and has a center parting hairstyle.


Ryuta Saki's father is Rentaro Saki, who runs the filming agency Saki Video Shooting. He has a younger brother called Ryuji, who sometimes assists his father at events. Ryuta Saki is also a member of the Mystery Club at his school, Fudo High School.

Murders at Fudo High School[edit]

Ryuta Saki's body is discovered

One of Saki's classmates, Hajime Kindaichi, is invited by the club president to join Fudo High School's Mystery Club in order to investigate the rumours of a sinister Afterschool Magician. However, shortly afterwards members of the club start showing up dead. All the while, Saki is filming events - a fact which turns out to be helpful when Hajime Kindaichi solves the case and finds the culprit.

Europa Hotel murders[edit]

When a threatening letter is sent to the Europa Hotel, Saki along with Hajime Kindaichi and Miyuki Nanase visit the hotel in order to investigate. However, several members of a theatre troupe performing at the hotel start dying. Saki films events as they unfold, but inadvertently captures a vital clue to the murder's identity on camera. However, before revealing the clue to Kindaichi, the culprit kills Saki.

Anime to manga changes[edit]

In the manga, Ryuta Saki dies during the Europa Hotel murders. During Kindaichi the Killer, Kindaichi is introduced to Ryuji Saki, Ryuta's younger brother. However in the anime, Ryuta Saki does not die during the Europa Hotel murders, and appearances in place of Ryuji many times afterwards.

Anime appearances[edit]


Keiichi Nanba

Saki is played by voice actor Keiichi Nanba, who also occasionally voices one-off characters from the series such as Haruhiko Wakuta from the Gentleman Thief Murder Case.


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